Bird Watching tour

About this tour (11 nights/12 days)

Khyargas Nuur National Park: A salt lake amid desert and scrub grass, provides an attractive summer home for birds. The main attraction of the lake is Khetsuu Khad, an enormous rock sticking out of the water that attracts migratory cormorant birds. The birds arrive in April and hatch their young in the large nest built on the rock. When the chicks hatch, their squawking is constant and deafening. The aura created by the white cliffs, shrill birds and the prevailing smell of guano makes you feel as if you have arrived at the ocean. By mid-September the cormorants are off, migrating back to their wintering grounds in southern China.
Khar Us Nuur: About 40km east from Khovd town is Khar Us Nuur (Dark Water Lake), the second largest fresh water lake in Mongolia (15800sq meter) but average depth is only 4m. Khovd River flows into this lake creating giant marsh delta. Khar Us Nuur is perfect habitat for wild ducks, geese, wood grouse, partridges and seagulls, including rare relict gulls and herring gulls. Where we go for bird watching is where Khovd River enters into lake in May or late August.
Khar Nuur: The outflow from the Khar Us Lake goes into a short river called Chono Khairkhan, which flows into another freshwater lake, Khar Lake (Black Lake), home to migratory pelicans. The southern end of Khar Nuur flows into Dorgon Nuur, which is a large alkaline lake. Eastern side of Dorgon Lake is an area of bone-dry desert and extensive sand dunes. Location: Western & Central Mongolia

  • Day 1.UB city - Kharkhorum city - Tsetserleg: 484km on paved road
  • Day 2. Tsetserleg - Nomrog: En route Terkhi White Lake and Telmen lake 485km on paved road
  • Day 3. Nomrog - Khyargas Lake /Khetsuu Khad/ 317km on paved road
  • Day 4.Khyargas Lake - Dorgon Lake & Khar Us Nuur Lake: 70km on dust road
  • Day 5. Bird Watching /Wild duck, geese, wood grouse, partridges, seagulls, relict gulls/
  • Day 6. Khar Us Nuur Lake - Khar Nuur Lake: 66 km on dust road. Bird Watching Khar Nuur Lake /Migratory pelican/
  • Day 7.Bird Watching Khar Nuur Lake /Migratory pelican/
  • Day 8. Khar Nuur Lake - Moltsog Els Sand dunes & Sangiin Dalai Lake: 281km on dust road
  • Day 9. Sangyn Dalai Nuur Lake - Altai 172km on dust road
  • Day 10. Altai - Bayankhongor: 398km on paved road
  • Day 11.Bayankhongor - Rashaant: 383km on paved road
  • Day 12. Rashaant -UB city: 242km on paved road
Total way of drive: 2898km