Travel Service Mongolia - the team of local travel experts organizing discovery & adventure oriented tours for groups, incentives and individuals. We offer programs that cover best travel places, must-see attractions of Mongolia land, and always try provide a chance to encounter authentic nomadic life, meet real people and try adventure activities that Mongolia has to offer proudly. We are social economic developers, professional explores, ecotourism specialists and filmmakers that operate a 100% Community Based Ecotourism Travel Agency. Travel Service Mongolia establishes Nomadic Travel Routes across Mongolia with nomadic families and rural communities to better assist them to ethically learn, work and earn alternative incomes from the greater Tourism Industry throughout the country... Travel Service Mongolia is a local tour operator/travel agency which specializes in providing authentic Mongolian experience. We maintain a good relationship with an extensive network of nomadic families throughout Mongolia and work with them to give you unforgettable and yet, safe trip.

Company US

About the company Travel Service Mongolia was licensed by the tour operator in 2018. Operated in the tourism industry since 2013, the Welcome to Ulaanbaatar free city map guide book publishes 50,000 copies annually and distributes to tourists in Mongolia free of charge. It cooperates with more than 400 services in hotels, travel companies, tourist camps and restaurants in Ulaanbaatar. He also published the City Bus Map guide book in 2018. In 2020, Ulaanbaatar Map (UB Map) is being rolled out to tourists for 5 months. The company also hosts a few V.I.P tours each year, including the Full Fish Tour. Since 2020, our company has added a travel category and plans a tour of beautiful Mongolian nature, history, wildlife and nomadic Mongolians around the country.

Why choose Travel Service Mongolia?

• We are contributing all of our achievements to provide satisfaction of our customers.

• We are achieving to develop tourism with high responsibility for culture and environment.

• Provide flexible price policy and complete qualified, high responsibility service.

• We'll stay unforgettable memories and imprinted in mind for dear travelers of Mongolia.


Adventure Fly Fishing

The highlight of our trip is the Full Fish Tour. There are 4 routes where you can go fishing and get to your destination, which is a very exciting adventure. The tulip lives in the freshest waters and is one of the most beautiful and jungle places in Mongolia.


It is our identity of travel. Who can imagine travel without pictures. We create “Photos of Mongolia”. Our photographic tours and expeditions bring you to Mongolia’s most extraordinary destinations in right times, led by professional photography guides who will inspire you. This is our value and what we do for photographers!


It is our philosophy of travel. It can be said that meeting and staying with local nomads is the reason why culture travelers choose Mongolia. We spread “Culture of Mongolia”, the living heritages of our ancestors. Imagine visiting the world’s most hospitable people, the Mongolian nomads and experiencing their centuries old traditions, lifestyle and diverse ethnicity with local travel specialists who will educate you. This is our value and what we do for travelers!!

Responsible Tourism

We handle responsible tours and expeditions. Eco-friendly operation, respect for the people, animals and nature are high on our agenda. Thus, we support environmental conservation and campaigns against child exploitation. Travelling with us means you are part of these initiatives.

Bookings, Sales & Pre-Departure

We put a strong emphasis on excellent customer service, aiming to reply to inquiries immediately or within 24 hours if not possible otherwise. We provide an up-to-date Mongolia Travel Advice document to all guests, which includes our emergency 24/7 contact details, the cultural code of conduct, recommended packing list and plenty of other useful information about traveling in the country. During the booking process, our managers carefully check bookings for all included services and special requests and brief the guides diligently. We confirm and reconfirm all bookings in advance of the tours according to applicable contracts and agreements.

Satisfaction & Constant Improvement

At the end of the tour all our guests are encouraged to fill in the short Satisfaction Questionaire. We read each of them carefully and address any points raised. It is thanks to the thousands of feedbacks received over the years that we are able to ensure the top quality of our services and to continuously improve.

Quality Tour Equipment

On our active and adventure tours, we provide outfitter quality camping gear and equipment. Those include tents for single and twin share basis, self-inflatable air mattresses, wet-protection sheets, tarpaulin sheets, foldable camp chairs and tables, while a dining tent, camp shower in a shower tent, separate toilet tent, all cooking equipment and kitchen utensils including gas stoves and traditional tableware accompanies our treks and expeditions. All the equipment is carefully checked and prepared by our service team before each departure, and during the trip, our ground staff is tasked with its care and maintenance.


At Tour Mongolia, we believe that one of the most important components of traveling is the interaction with locals. On our tours, we maximize the opportunity to meet the local people: To discover how they live, what their beliefs and values are. When traveling with us, our guests have the unique opportunity to learn about the nomadic culture in an authentic and non-touristic setting. Our nomad friendly Community-based tours emphasize contact with locals We arrange these tours through our local network which include over a hundred nomadic herder families and communities. The families and communities in our network are of diverse ethnic identities and live in different rural areas all throughout Mongolia.