Hiking trip in Altai mountains

Key words : (B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner.)

About this tour (9 nights/10 days)

Located in the remotest corner of the most pristine and wildest country in the world, TavanBogd trek offers a rich cultural experience and brings you through green meadows, icy gorges, clear lakes, rushing streams, lush alpine pastures, snow capped peaks, vast glaciers and vast moraines. The area is inhabited by Mongolian nomads and Tuvans and Kazakh hunters whose ways of life have not changed since times unmemorable. Kazakhs have ancient traditions of falconry. The trek will start off  TavanBogd mountain range. Huiten peak, the highest peak of the Altai range is also Mongolia's highest peak. The peak overlooks 3 countries: Mongolia, Russia and China. Those mountain peaks face cold glaciated peaks and vast moraines. Depending of your climbing skills we you will climb one or the other peak.

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  • Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar
  • Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, welcomed by Travel to Mongolia’s staff at UB airport. Drive to Hotel. After the lunch at Mongolian Nomads restaurant, we will see Natural museum. Drive back to Hotel after the dinner.

  • Day 2.
  • Fly from UB to Olgii, arrive in the morning, short town introduction (small town) go to Halal Restaurant (Turkish restaurant) and have brunch. After the brunch, we will drive out of Olgii heading towards to Ranger station of TavanBogd mountain. 3000 meters height from sea level. Arrive at the Ranger station where many Tuvan nomads spend their summer. Experience differences of nomadic lifestyle. On your way you will stop to see Deer Stones  and overnight in tent.

  • Day 3.
  • Early morning start trekking from gate of TavanBogd national park to 20KM long Potaniin glacier side. After 4 hours of riding you will reach the base camp. You will experience the glacier.

  • Day 4.
  • Today you will do hiking up to Malchin peak. Malchin peak is one of high peaks of Mongolia over 4000M. As Malchin peak is bordering with Russia you will have full views to Russian and Chinese Altai mountains. Same day you will hike back to your camp.

  • Day 5.
  • Today you will do trekking back where are Tuvan nomads are staying.

  • Day 6.
  • With packed camels you will start trekking to south of Altai mountains national park. On your way you will go through historical places and see rock arts from ancient Turkic age. Camping at KharSalaa.

  • Day 7.
  • Early morning you will start trekking up to Altai mountain and pass to Bear Valley which very beautiful place with breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls and white rivers that is flowing from glacier. Camp along the river.

  • Day 8.
  • Start trekking to Aksu Valley. Aksu Valley is place where many western Mongolian Kazakh nomads are staying during their summer time. Visit Kazakh families and experience nomadic life, enjoy photographing.

  • Day 9.
  • Fly to Ulaanbatar. That day you will visit Chinggiskhaan Equestrian Statue Complex

  • Day 10.
  • Leave Ulaanbaatar