Biking tour. (Classic)

On our mountain biking tours you will traverse the more mountainous areas of Mongolia, namely the Khangai mountain range lying at the Northern fringes of the Gobi desert. Khangai Mountain range is very challengeable place for bikers.Arriving in Ulaanbaatar, you will be transferred to the group hotel. Time permitting you may have a chance to familiarize with the city center and feel the atmosphere of recent changes towards modernity. Meet with the rest of the group at welcome dinner and get an informal introduction to the great cycling tour ahead of you. Overnight at the group hotel.

Next morning we’ll drive to ElsenTasarkhai.

ElsenTasarkhai sand is sodden under its surface, so shrubberies such as willow, elm and dogwood, grow in the area. There are many tourist camps around ElsenTasarkhai Sand Dunes. ElsenTasarkhai Sand Dunes is surrounded by Mount Khugnu Khan on the north and Mount Ikh Mongol on the south.

Bike to Kharkhorin, Ancient capital of Mongolia and Erdene-Zuu monastery.

Founded in 158 6 by Altai Khaan, ErdeneZuu was the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. The monastery went through periods of neglect and prosperity until finally the Stalinist purges of 1937 put it completely out of business. The monastery remained closed until 1965, when it was permitted to reopen as a museum, but not as a place of worship. It was only with the collapse of communism in 1990 that religious freedom was restored and the monastery became active again.

Bike to Tsenher village and hot spring.

There are in Arkhangai many old volcanos, which explains the presence of this hot water source that flows all year long at 1860 metres (1,16 mile) above the sea level in the sum of Tsenkher. The water is at 85,5°c.

Bike to Chuluut river canyon, TerkhTsagaannuur, Horgomountain.

The Chuluutriver is rich in fish. There are springs at UlaanEreg and at Chuluut in the basin of Chuluut. TerkhiinTsagaannuurit’s the jewel of Arkhangai and one of the most beautiful lakes of the country. The eruption of Khorgo Volcano explains the presence of the lake. Khorgo Volcano that is an extinct volcano reaching its highest point at 2240m, located East from TerkhiinTsagaan. This easy 16km hike will lead you to the summit of this extinct volcano covered with basalt that was active 8000 years ago.

Bike to Murun town, Khuvsgullake.Rest in 2 days.

We will enjoy day in Khuvsgul Lake. We can enjoy boating and horse riding around the area.Overnight in tourist GER camp  Khuvsgul Lake is located in the northwest of Mongolia near the border to Russia, at the foot of the eastern Sayan Mountains. It is 1,645 m above sea level, 136 km long and 262 m deep. It is the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia, and holds almost 70% of Mongolia's fresh water and 0.4% of all the fresh water in the world. Its watershed is relatively small, and it only has small tributaries.

Bike to Hutag-Ondor.

End of biking tour. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Biking tour. adventure

We’ve a three starting point. You should choose your road and we’ll drive your place and follow your intuition.

    ⦁ Gobi tour. (Choir)
    ⦁ West tour. (ElsenTasarkhai)
    ⦁ East tour. (Baganuur)