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Attend opening ceremony of the Naadam Festival plus a Naadam Gala Dinner and Folk Concert in the evening. The highlight of the Mongolian festival calendar, the Naadam Festival dates back several centuries and takes place each year on July 11-13. Originally a test of a nomad’s aptitude, it requires strength, stamina, endurance, accurate marksmanship and skillful horsemanship. Given the equine nature of nomadic life, much importance is placed on the horse races. Drawing herdsmen and their race horses from hundreds of miles around, races are staged on the vast steppes covering distances of up to 20 miles in 6 different age categories. We highly recommend booking early for our Naadam Festival departure.

  • 08.00AM
  • Pick up at the hotel. Drive to Chinggis Square to see the ceremony of placing the National 9 white banner in the Central Stadium.

  • 11.00AM
  • Opening ceremony of the National Naadam Festival /Special program/.

  • 11.50AM
  • Wrestling competition/First round/.

  • 12.30PM
  • Archery competition.

  • 13.30PM
  • “Shagai” /ankle bone/ shooting.

  • 14.00PM
  • Boxed lunch on the car.

  • 15.30PM
  • Horse racing competition.

  • 16.10PM
  • Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

  • 18.00PM
  • Enjoy watching Traditional Mongolian Folk Performance.

  • 19.00PM
  • Festival Gala Dinner.